Apr 30 • 11M

War & Wilderness

I talk to Deutsche Welle about my time as a war correspondent, my decision to move to the Canadian wilderness, and why I now split my time between eastern Europe and British Columbia.

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Julius Strauss
Moving to the Canadian Wilderness and Setting Up a Bear-Viewing Lodge. Since 2006. (Formerly Bearly Surviving.)
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+ After 16 years I have renamed my Bearly Surviving blog. It is now called The Grizzly Bear Diaries. Free subscribers will continue to receive updates about Wild Bear Lodge and our offerings and availability. I will also post the occasional podcast, such as this one. Paid subscribers will receive all newly-published posts of The Grizzly Bear Diaries as they come out. I aim to write a post every couple of weeks during the bear season, and perhaps slightly less often during high summer and the winter.

+ I have now wrapped up my time teaching in Budapest and am heading back to Canada, which is hugely exciting. Back in the valley the snow is melting and the bears are beginning to emerge. We still have some space for our Spring Bear Viewing (late May-June) and Autumn Grizzly Viewing (late Sept-end Oct) season if you are interested.